Tell Me About: Erotic Humiliation

When this prompt on Erotic Humiliation first started I told Missy I didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute as it’s not something we’ve done.


As I’ve read the wonderful submissions I have come to realise that it is an area that I do get off on, I just didn’t realise it had a name. I kinda just thought it was talking dirty.


When I ask MrH if he will fuck me, or try to ask him to play with me anally (I’ve only once managed the whole sentence – usually he takes pity on me and says “you want me to take you up the arse?” He does always make me answer him though) I always get embarrassed. I blush and squirm. While I am squirming and embarrassed I also get turned on by the feelings this creates. Even writing about this makes me blush and wet too.

So this suggests to me that this is an area that I do dabble in- or at least an area for MrH to explore more fully.

Things that make me squirm

I’m setting myself up here I know, but it is in the interests of education.

Things that MrH could say that would make me embarrassed:

  • Look how wet you are.
  • Bend over I want to inspect you.
  • Open your legs for me.
  • Leave the light on and lay down, legs and arms spread.. (followed by a visual inspection)
  • Commenting on bruises, have I shaved thoroughly/correctly?
  • Open yourself up for me.
  • Sit on my face
  • Masturbate in front of me.
  • Fuck yourself with a dildo.

Things that MrH could ask me that would make me squirm to answer:

  • Do you want me to lick your pussy?
  • Do you want me to slide my finger into your pussy?
  • Do you want me to pinch your nipples?
  • Do you want me to fuck you?
  • Do you want me to let you play with a toy?
  • Do you want me to fuck your arse with the dildo?
  • Which toy do you want to play with?

Things that make me go ooh

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that I guess I am more into this than I thought. Now I can only hope that MrH is too….

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6 Replies to “Tell Me About: Erotic Humiliation”

  1. Yup. You are into it alright. And by the sound of it Mr H already has those buttons marked. Glad you decided to post after all and tell us about your naughty desires 😊

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