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July 2019

Can I have a treat?

I have mentioned before how I have a mental block when it comes to asking Mr H questions regarding sex, whether it is something I would like to do, or asking Mr H to change what he is doing. I still fear that rejection and ultimately don’t feel my needs

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I wish I could change

What do you love most (and/or wish you could change) about your sex life as it appears today? Why do you love it (or why/how would you change it)? I love… I love how close we are. I love how, over the last few years, particularly since adding D/s we

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Why’d y’ have to go and make things so complicated?

I think all relationships have complications. Some may be insurmountable and the relationships end, others less so and the relationship adapts or compromises are made. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NPBIwQyPWE[/embedyt] I am going to speak in general terms here for a moment and so please bear with me, I know not every young

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Memory foam mattress topper

We have a silentnight miracoil mattress. It wasn’t cheap (in my opinion) costing just over £400 and it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than the cheap mattress we had before. We have had this for 2 years now and as my back has its ups and downs I

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Hide behind your mask

I have worked hard to become more authentic. I used to present a face to the world that I thought they wanted to see. My mum raised me to be a confident outgoing little girl. She didn’t care if that’s what I was comfortable with, it was what she wanted.

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And then he kissed me

We slowly woke up this morning, fighting the urge to fall back to sleep. My body stiff and sore from laying still, his, warm and sweaty from the heat. I rolled over to him and lay near his hip. Not quite touching him, he was too warm. I admired his

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Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together and get on with it….  That’s one phrase I think I would ban from the world if I could. The idea that someone, anyone, who is depressed could just pull themselves together is not only ludicrous but it suggests their feelings are little, insignificant, manageable or imaginary. Bah!

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Tell Me About: Collars and Cuffs

This is something that I have written about before, my collars I mean, and I say collars because I have a few. My first post dedicated to them, collars and chains discussed the basics and why we decided to use them. Since then I’ve posted about new collars made and

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The Erotic Journal Challenge 26- Vows

Our wedding was a civil service which meant we couldn’t use the traditional vows, they don’t allow you to, so we wrote our own. Now MrH states categorically that we will not renew our vows at any time. He says that as he hasn’t changed his mind on the first

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Spanked at last

S2 went out last night. Not something we were expecting but fortuitous as Thursday night I had asked MrH if I could book an orgasm (or 2 or 3) for Friday and Saturday nights. MrH of course pointed out I was greedy but he was also laughing. Early evening I

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