White sheets

I’m going for something simple this week for Sinful Sunday… only I ended up with two images that I liked… so now I have no idea which one to share!

I’ve used a few effects and filters on this image as I wanted to create the effect of a painting… I hope you like the result as much as I do.

Here’s the original for comparison..

I’ve got the fan on trying to cool the room a little and you can just about see my male cat sleeping next to me…

To see other fabulous images click the lips below…

Sinful Sunday – Week 429.

21 Replies to “White sheets”

  1. I cant decide which I like best – the first is very ‘oil painting’ like, but the attitude of sexy tease is implied better by the second, sharper image.

  2. I like the edit but the original is my favourite. I like that you can see the cat and the clarity of the white sheet and the hand is really beautiful


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