Successful Saturday

MrH was in work today. 95% of the time when he works on a Saturday I have some sort of meltdown. Today I have been ok. More than ok. I have watched Supernatural (series 1) and worked on completing this little crochet jacket (I am waiting for the mum of the little baby boy to tell me is she’d like sleeves adding).

It does need buttons too…

Then I started my next project…. a baby Groot security blanket. I’ve done the head and blanket..

Tomorrow I’ll do the arms and the decorative work.

It’s looking pretty cool so far.

Keeping busy seems to have helped.

4 Replies to “Successful Saturday”

  1. I’m glad you’ve have something that you enjoy doing that is so beneficial to your well being, keep it up. Your work is beautiful, my mum was very impressed with your cuddle bunny for our daughter. Although I was coy about where it came from.

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