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May 2019

F4TF 100: Landmarks

Food for Thought Friday has been hosted thus far by the wonderful Kilted Wookie, but he has decided to step down. While the meme will continue under the watchful guidance of May Moore and Floss, he has set the last topic. I don’t take part every week, just when the topic or questions evoke a response. This week is one of those weeks.. What, if any, have been your particular landmarks, either in relation to your blog or your wider life? Do you have any future goals/landmarks you want to achieve? What are they? This made me think… I mean,

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An everyday bra

Or is that a bra for everyday? @TheKnickerFairy on Twitter is a lovely lady who is an Anne Summers sales consultant. She sells via her twitter account and offers brilliant service and advice! I’ve bought some lovely things from her that MrH has picked and I have to say I love him taking an interest in my underwear. He picks the set I wear each day and it’s one of the rules that I have to have a matching set on each day. There’s been a sale on recently and as a result MrH has treated me, so now I have

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Navigating rough seas

Maintaining a healthy mental state, is quite a challenge, at least it is for me.  I take medication daily which works well to stabilise my mood. I’ve been medicated for depression and anxiety since 2005, essentially 18 months after my dad passed away. I had a full blown breakdown in 2005. I stopped working. I stopped functioning. I stopped doing pretty much everything. I spent 3 years getting better. I spent 3 years learning to deal with rough seas. It wasn’t all doom and gloom. In fact my breakdown brought MrH and I closer together. I learned he was strong enough to

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It’s only words

Last night MrH and I played. It had been a while and I felt nervous and awkward. I wanted to play, really wanted to. But when play began I felt awkward and not in the moment.  It began when MrH put my night collar on. The TV was playing and as he started running his hands over me, the conversation on the TV invaded my mind. I shook my head to try and shake it off but it didn’t work. He asked me what was wrong and I told him. Which is an improvement as in the past I have said

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Tell Me About: Dominance

When I asked MrH to explore BDSM with me I didn’t really know where it would lead. In my mind I painted a picture of what it would be like and how it would work. The reality was quite different. 100% better than I thought possible.  I have found that I need his dominance to make me feel good. I need him to be in control to feel secure. I need to feel taken care of to feel safe. I need to know I am accountable to feel wanted. Relinquishing control I didn’t think it would be an easy thing for MrH to

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Shoes, submission and man points

This blog started as an online extension/version of a written journal (hence the title) that I began shortly after MrH and I started down the route of Dom and sub. One of the online community/sites we had joined SubMrs had an number of article/resources about journaling and communication and I decided I would use this medium to record my thoughts. MrH would read it and this would then open a discussion. A way to communicate We didn’t stay with that particular site long. I found that I felt judged sometimes in conversations, as if I wasn’t doing “it” right. MrH

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Oh fudge!

Or something similar….. I ordered some shoes.  I didn’t ask permission.  I have no idea why I didn’t ask, I usually do. The only exception is if I’ve ordered things for work and then we haven’t paid for them or we’re getting the money back. I’ve been looking for some shoes for work for about 6 weeks now. I needed some flat but not really flat shoes. That might not seem to make sense but honestly it does! Some flat shoes have really thin soles and they offer no support or cushioning under your feet. Trying to find some flat shoes that

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Out of it

Things have been a little off lately.  I’m so tired, a side effect of the amitriptyline, I come home from work, eat, and go to bed.  MrH is suffering too. He just isn’t quite himself, and I know the situation must be hard for him. He’s worried about my back. He’s having to do so much extra. He drives me to work and then doubles back to go to work himself. He works through his lunch so he can leave early to come pick me up. He must be exhausted. He is exhausted. I wish I could make things easier for

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Can I cum?

I have spoken about how over the last few months/year masturbation has become difficult for me. The desire to do so has waned and so my orgasms fell into the domain of MrH. Not because he commanded it, rather my body didn’t respond when I did try to masturbate and so eventually I just stopped even trying. Orgasms for MrH Initially I could get round this by filming it and sending the video to MrH. In my mind he would enjoy getting the video and seeing it, so it fulfilled a need to be “naughty” and being on display for

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Sexy Cardigan?

This morning I went downstairs to find my work clothes as I hadn’t put them away after washing them at the weekend.  I put my cardigan over my new bra and panties set and when I walked into the kitchen where MrH was making drinks he paused for a moment and admired the view… The look on his face has made me smile all day… Who would have thought a cardigan could be so sexy?? To see more bloggers sharing their lingerie as part of the Lingerie is for Everyone and Everybody project.

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