Blogging from A2Z 2019: X-Ray

I have had many x-rays in my life time, but have only actually broken 1 bone. Rather undramatically I slipped on the stairs trying to pet my female cat and broke my first toe (the one next to the big one) and sprained my ankle.

Only 2 weeks before this I had come off my motorbike at 30 mph, with only bruises… go figure!

But as I say I have had many X-rays. They are a brilliant diagnostic tool and they fascinate me.

I have a deformed shoulder that stems from a dislocation at age 9. My collar bone sits in the middle of my shoulder not on top.

The osteoarthritis I have has worn so many joints in my body I walk like I’m in my 80’s first thing.

What I find incomprehensible is this… I had a hysterectomy in 2016…. every time I’ve been to our accident and emergency department on admission they ask you a series of questions…. one is always “could you be pregnant” to which I reply, that I have had a hysterectomy so no. This is noted on the file. When taken for an X-ray or any other scan despite having these notes they ask again… and I think… does no one read the damn chart!!!!!!

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  1. Looking at x-rays of my bones is kind of interesting but I REALLY wish the dentist didn’t find it necessary to hang the x-rays of my teeth up for public viewing. He can keep those to himself, tyvm.

    Only 2 letters left!

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