Blogging from A2Z 2019: Vagina

I do so like to have MrH’s cock in my vagina. Actually for the most part I don’t care where he sticks his cock (if it’s in me) I’m happy! But I know it’s his favourite place to put it.

But from a general perspective the vagina is a pretty remarkable bit of engineering. It’s capable of stretching in order to fit a baby through it…. a baby…. my first borns head was big. He was 8 lbs 11 oz. He tore out of me in a violent way and I had 5 external stitches and layers of internal ones.

At just turned 18 I was not prepared for the midwife sticking a finger up my arse, (I had no idea what she meant when she said “we need to check your back passage”), because the tear was so severe they were worried I had literally torn myself in two.

I should probably have been stitched up by a surgeon, not a trainee midwife, as I now have been left with such a weak back vaginal wall that it doesn’t hold my bowel in the right place very well. Buts that’s a whole other tale!

But as I say, it’s a damn good piece of engineering in that it allows us to eject a fully grown baby and then returns to its normal size.

Of course the sexual function of the vagina is equally amazing. It lubricates itself as required. It houses the female g-spot and with the appropriate stimulation, is part of the body that responds during an orgasm.

What’s not to love about the vagina??

4 Replies to “Blogging from A2Z 2019: Vagina”

  1. It *is* a remarkable piece of engineering!

    Your childbirth experience sounds traumatic. ‘Tore out of you’ seems an apt description. I was a big baby (8 lbs 13 oz), but I was my mother’s smallest. My brother was 9-4 and my baby sister was 10-1. As far as I know, my mom didn’t have any ‘needs a gazillion stitches’ type issues after any of us, but now I wonder! 😱

    1. His birth was fast which was part of the problem/reason…. I didn’t pant to allow the head to be born slowly.

      After my second was born (a delicate 7lbs 7oz compared to his brother) I found out my father in law was over 14lbs and was a home delivery 😳 now that must have made her eyes water!!!!

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