Blogging from A2Z 2019: Quiet

I imagine everyone who has teenage children will be familiar with having to be quiet while having sex.

For years our lovemaking was quiet and hushed.

Most of the time our son who still lives at home is online with a set of headphones on absorbed in some game, chatting with a group of friends. This allows some freedom in that I don’t have to be so conscious of sounds I might make when MrH plays with me.

I’m sure what I say next will sound very strange. I didn’t realise how silence can change the sexual experience.

When silence is imposed by circumstance then I feel self conscious. I don’t relax and chances are I won’t orgasm.

When silence is imposed by MrH it feeds my submissive self and I find I am more likely to orgasm.

If MrH were to tell me to vocalise more, encouraging me to moan, telling me he likes to hear me, that would probably feed the same part of me.

When MrH makes noise, whether that’s speaking or moaning, I really get off on it.

Maybe MrH feels the same?

When we are alone at home, or we go to hotels we are much more relaxed and free. We both allow ourselves to make more noise and as a result the experience is enhanced.

We’re away this Friday…. who knows what fun MrH has planned when we don’t have to worry about being quiet 🤫…..

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