Blogging from A2Z 2019: Promise

Do you promise?

A promise is a childish thing isn’t it? The idea that you can ensure something will happen exactly as you plan. That nothing will prevent it.

As adults should we believe such a thing is even possible?

I can remember asking my dad to promise he would never leave. He promised he wouldn’t. Then he died.

I can remember promising to be friends forever with girls at school. I have no idea where they are today.

I do still ask MrH to promise me things though and I make promises in return.

Many years ago. The first gift MrH bought be, he carved a message onto the back of it. It read “I can’t promise to be your lover forever, but your friend forever I can.”

At the time this seemed like a bad message. But over the years I’ve realised I value his friendship more than anything. He made me this promise and he’s never broken it. He does his absolute best to keep any promise he makes.

Of course I really want him to be my lover forever too. I mean, I really love sex with him. Can’t get enough.

When he tells me I’m going to get his cum, I just want to reply, “do you promise?”

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