Blogging from A2Z 2019: Hospitals and Home.

MrH and I spend too much time in hospitals. Between my back pain and my menstrual issues that lead to my hysterectomy we have visited pretty much every hospital in the area at least once.

It was at a hospital appointment that I first mentioned to MrH about trying BDSM.

Strangely role play is not something MrH is not into, whereas I would happily play the patient to his Dr….. the naughty nurse….. the rescued wench to his pirate.

But I digress….

I recently spent two days in hospital. In the orthopaedic ward. I was in bay 3. A 10 bed female ward. 2 of the ladies had dementia. 3 of the ladies were unable to get out of bed. The staff were patient and kind but I spent the whole time with my ear phones in listening to a book.

When they let me leave I couldn’t wait to get home. I needed to be home with MrH. I needed him to heal.

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  1. I a sorry for your hospital stay but I certainly can relate the you needing Mr H to heal – I am like that with my man too

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