Blogging from A2Z 2019: Discipline

The second word from the anachronism BDSM, Discipline is an important part of my relationship with MrH. I am expected to maintain a certain level of self discipline, in that I must follow rules I have been set but also it falls to MrH to discipline me when I fail to follow the rules. This isn’t something he initially felt comfortable with but he does it as required.

Of course D could also stand for Dominant, the role MrH plays in our relationship. MrH agreed to be my Dominant back in July 2017 and prior to this change in Dynamic I was the controlling force, the prime Decision maker. While MrH had the final say he rarely exercised this power. I would buy what I wanted, wear what I wanted and pretty much do whatever I pleased.

Now MrH exercises strict control over my spending (and we have more spare money as a result 😂), he chooses what colour underwear I wear each day (no panties on Fridays), and monitors my diet so I stay on plan.

My desire to please him helps me to be self disciplined when he’s not about to monitor me, during work hours for example.

I can’t deny that I have been tempted to break the rules. I love being spanked but this is not how MrH chooses to discipline me. Instead I am given the task of writing lines, which acts as a pretty good deterrent!

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