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April 2019

Not Broken

Earlier this month I wrote about my concerns that I couldn’t orgasm through masturbation any more and quite some time ago I spoke about the change in my relationship with masturbation following the introduction of D/s in my post last Year. What I didn’t say in my broken fingers post, was

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Zoo

MrH will tell you he doesn’t find being in charge that different. He says he’s always had the final say or our house would be like a zoo.  And he’s right. I’m a sucker for animals. We have 2 cats. We had a beautiful loving faithful dog. He passed 4 years

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Yellow

This is the word I use to caution MrH. It tells him that I am nearing the limit of my tolerance, that I need him to take things slower, pause, or check in with me. This word doesn’t stop play.  This word prompts him to assess my body language, to verbally check

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: X-Ray

I have had many x-rays in my life time, but have only actually broken 1 bone. Rather undramatically I slipped on the stairs trying to pet my female cat and broke my first toe (the one next to the big one) and sprained my ankle. Only 2 weeks before this

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Why

I’ve always liked to know how things work. “Why?” Drove my mum mad when I was a toddler… my boys were similarly curious.  Unfortunately, why? has been the root cause of much of my mental health issues. Why did my dad have to die suddenly of a heart attack, aged 51?

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Vagina

I do so like to have MrH’s cock in my vagina. Actually for the most part I don’t care where he sticks his cock (if it’s in me) I’m happy! But I know it’s his favourite place to put it.  But from a general perspective the vagina is a pretty remarkable

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Universe

I am me, the universe and you.  I first heard this song in a Greys Anatomy episode called the Song Beneath the Song.  It’s how I feel about MrH. I am me. I am his. He is mine. We make our own world. He makes me feel everything and anything is

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Tears

If you’re familiar with my blog you’ll be aware that I have regular emotional meltdowns.  Subdrop after particularly intense play can feel quite brutal. I feel so needy and desperate for MrH to touch and reassure me but I’m also unable to articulate it well. Usually this results in tears and

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Count yourself lucky

By some standards my upbringing was normal. Born in 1974 in a small mining town in South Yorkshire, my maternal grandparents lived one street away and my paternal grandparents had a farm.  Until I was 5 years old my life was perfect, if you don’t count the fact that my tiny

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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Sex and Submission

They’re obviously really aren’t they? Given my blog?  I have talked about these two subjects many times. I guess there have been many, many lightbulb moments over the last 22 months that the introduction of submission has triggered. I’ve felt shame which I have talked about in my post I’m Gonna

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