Fun at the Bike show

Today MrH and I went to the bike show in Manchester, UK. We went a few years ago and it was busy and yet a good place to look for a bargain.

Ear Protection

We wanted to purchase some custom made ear protectors, as they will not only protect our hearing as we ride but also enable us to hear through our new communication kits more effectively. Doesn’t make sense does it? Wearing ear plugs will help you hear better? It works because they have a filter built in that eliminates sound in a specific range – in this case the wind and ambient road noise – so that music and voices can be heard clearly and at lower volumes.

We saved £10 each off the retail price and they will arrive in about 4 weeks but the process of having the moulds made was icky. They put a protective pad into your ear and then squeeze some goo into your ear…. 5 minutes later the mould is removed.

Back Home

We spent about 3 hours there and my back is playing up. I’ve taken pain meds and I’ve got a heat pillow out.

I’m glad we went but I’m paying for it now.

In a plus note we did have an ice cream when we got home too!

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