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March 2019


Tell Me About: Safewords

One of the first things MrH and I did when we started our D/s journey was agree some safewords. We went with the very simple traffic light system that is quite commonly used. During impact play MrH would ask me “what colour?” Green If I was comfortable and happy to continue, I would respond with “Green.” Yellow If I could continue but was getting close to my limit, or needed a little break, I would respond with “Yellow.” Red – ‘The Safeword’ This isn’t a word a would respond with. This is a word for me to use to call

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The Erotic Journal Challenge 12: Sexy

This is something I battle with on a daily basis, feeling sexy. Naked I don’t often feel sexy. I see stretch marks and cellulite. I see lumps and a lack of symmetry. I see surgical scars. What makes me feel sexy? In lingerie, sometimes, it depends on where my head is at. If I’m down all I see are lumps and bumps. Other times I see a curvaceous woman that MrH loves. The angle and filters help of course. Fully clothed I often feel most confident and sexy. The lumps and bumps are concealed, smoothed and the curves accentuated. But

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The Week That Was… Frightening

It’s been a difficult week. I spent the first few days petrified that I would be facing another 5 months on bed rest. As a result I resisted going to hospital. When I finally gave in (on Thursday morning) and headed off to hospital in an ambulance I was trying hard not to cry. I asked MrH to stay home as I knew it would involve hours of waiting around. I also knew I would be sent for an MRI before they made any decisions. Thankfully I have been told I do not need to head for bed rest again.

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I hear you,even when you’re silent

Your body tells me what you need. Your eyes reveal your thoughts. No secrets exist between us. I know you. As I am yours, you are mine. And I love you. I’m presently in hospital. It makes me think and write soppy things. I miss MrH so much. I hate being around so many people. It’s noisy and busy. I couldn’t sleep well because of the other patients. There’s no sign of cauda equina so that’s good. On the down side they don’t know why I can’t feel properly. So they have scanned my whole spine today. I may be

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The Dreaded DDD

Three years ago I woke up to find that my groin was numb. Like it was asleep. I rang 111 the NHS advice line and the next thing I knew an ambulance was on its way. I didn’t realise at the time but this was the start of a new type of hell. The numbness was a symptom of a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome which has the potential to be quite debilitating. I spent 3 days in hospital, taking morphine for the pain and frightened. I had an MRI on my spine and ultimately I was sent home to

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Lollipops and skipping ropes

There was a song I used to sing when I was little, it was on a record my dad bought me and occasionally it’s lyrics run through my mind. A reminder I suppose of innocent days before my parents separated. It was the B side to the ramblers track “only a poor little sparrow” but I loved it. You can find it on YouTube of course but it’s a poor quality recording. I think it always reminded me of my dad so that’s why I liked it. After the last few days, getting back out on my bike and today

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Fun at the Bike show

Today MrH and I went to the bike show in Manchester, UK. We went a few years ago and it was busy and yet a good place to look for a bargain. Ear Protection We wanted to purchase some custom made ear protectors, as they will not only protect our hearing as we ride but also enable us to hear through our new communication kits more effectively. Doesn’t make sense does it? Wearing ear plugs will help you hear better? It works because they have a filter built in that eliminates sound in a specific range – in this case

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Tell Me About: Bondage

Bondage plays a big part of our relationship. When I first asked MrH to consider adding BDSM elements to our relationship bondage was my starting point. I asked him to try restraining and dominating me. MrH didn’t think I’d like being restrained and told what to do but he was willing to give it a go! Verbal Bondage Our first dabble was verbal control. He positioned me on the bed and told me “don’t move”. These simple words sent a tingle through me that I can’t adequately explain. I was instantly aroused and excited too. Afterwards he said he did

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Everyday life

It feels like ages since I blogged and yet I know it’s not.  At the moment I’m tired and I feel like I have nothing new or interesting to say.  Our D/s is tripping along on an even keel. We are talking on Wednesday evenings. We have a cane session on a Sunday and a Wednesday evening too. I told MrH that I was not getting the same effect from the cane as I had got used to it and so he increased the impact a little to great effect. I can’t say things are particularly exciting at the moment but

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Twisted fairytale

The Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies. Based on the book of the same name by William Goldman, I believe it is the perfect combination of funny and weird. The pirate is the hero, the prince is the bad guy and, well, it suits my sense of humour! “Inconceivable!” It stars some of my favourite childhood stars too. Fred Savage plays the grandson who is ill in the movie, and Peter Falk (better known as Colombo) the grandfather. He comes to look after him while his mother goes to work by telling him the story. “When I was

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