Oh my, what a day, what a night!

An unexpected error

The message An unexpected Error Occurred was the first inkling that something had gone wrong. Turns out it had gone horribly horribly wrong.  My WordPress hosted blog has been suspended. I don’t know why, they haven’t told me. I just know it’s gone. I managed to export the content, but for some reason they haven’t allowed me to export the images associated with each post, so I am going to have to try and rebuild each post, to try and remember which images went where or remove the references to them.  In other words I’m going to need some stress relief.

I’m so cross.

Well furious would be a better word.

I’m also annoyed with myself for not assigning my domain name back in April 17 when I got it to my WordPress blog…. if I had I might not have now lost all my wonderful followers.


We (MrH and I) exported the content as quickly as we could and following the advice from Submissy we signed up with “Site Ground” to self host our site.  They have a special offer on at the moment so it was £43 for the year including VAT.

It wasn’t straightforward.  Being an impatient soul I installed the WordPress platform AND A second one …. so they conflicted.  Thankfully @DomSigns helped me to delete the second ones code and as he put it “progress was made.” 😂

Our ISP doesn’t update quickly so using our home internet my site was showing as not found.  Thankfully Google’s DNS updated quicker and we were back.  [I should perhaps explain I had to ask what all these mean so for the ignorant like me ISP is internet service provider and DNS is domain name server].


Now we have the mammoth task of putting images back into the posts, and re-working all the internal links.  As there are over 300 posts that will take some time.  I have concentrated on the pages linked to my About Me and those showing as recent.

The new site is now a joint one.  MrH will be posting on here too.


All in all it was a pretty bad day.  I don’t cope well with things like this.  My anxiety spikes and I get very stressed.  There were tears and sulks.

When bed time arrived I bathed and shaved.  I lay in bed as MrH bathed and our son went out to the pub.  After the day we had had I didn’t expect play time at all.

I was wrong.

Stress Relief

MrH took hold of my leg and started to tie rope around my ankle.  I thought he might just be practicing, he does that, so I carried on editing posts.  Then I noticed him eyeing up the headboard.  He looped the rope around the headboard, pulling my leg into a curled position, exposing my pussy.

He took the rope and attached it to my other ankle.

My pussy was now open and exposed.  I could tell Sir was enjoying himself.  His Dom Rod was evident.  He walked around the bed and I noticed he had the wand.

“There’s no mat down Sir.  There’s one in the bottom drawer I think.”

He got the mat out and the lube.

“I want to see how this works,” he said and turned the wand on.

His cock was growning harder and my hands were free.

“You may touch,” he said.  So I did.

So did he.

He brought me close to orgasm and held me there.

“Please Sir are you going to let me cum?” I asked.

”I may..” he replied.

He kept me hovering on the edge a few moments longer.  Then he said “are you going to cum for me?” He moved the wand slightly and I fell over the edge.

Afterwards he untied me, and took a picture of my ankle and the rope marks.


20 Replies to “Oh my, what a day, what a night!”

  1. I’m happy you managed to get some of your content transferred over. I’m sorry for the other posts that were lost. Have WP still not got back to you?
    I’m looking at self-hosting myself (wanting to get it done and dusted today if I can) but I’m a technological repellent so it’s going to be a task! Hope you and MrH have a good Sunday 😊 x

  2. Hi,
    I am sorry about your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I use feedly as my blog reader and your old blog is still up on there. It only has one picture, probably whichever picture was the one at the top, and a snippet of the first few sentences, if I click read more it brings me to the unavailable page. Not sure if this might help you to match photos with the posts. Also not sure if I can see the old blog because I already had it loaded into my feedly account. Let me know if I can help in anyway since I can see the old blog. Haven’t ever commented before, thanks for your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your message, and offer. I still have some tweaks to do on the new site (and by tweaks I mean major overhaul) but as MrH said this is an opportunity to do more with the blog and organise it better.

      It started as a simple outlet, a place to journal that wasn’t laying around the house and it grew into what felt like a forum full of friends. Hopefully it will be again.

  3. Well at least there was a happy ending to the story. Your followers will find you again. But I cannot imagine the stress! These blogs are like our babies…so much blood, sweat, and tears.

  4. I’m so glad you’re back up and running! Your unfortunate situation has inspired me to be proactive about self hosting, so thank you! Sounds like you had a great ending to a not so great day though!

  5. WordPress dot com has been doing that lately, and I think I remember one that I followed and then was deleted have some notice that the site violated their TOS.

    Glad to hear you’re back and that you got your posts back minus the pictures. I think your Twitter feed may help you there since I remember it showed your header image along with your post. It won’t show additional pictures but hopefully that’s a start.

    I’m Happy to see the day ended very well for you and Mr. H.

  6. I found you again! I knew something was missing from my feed, but I haven’t been checking as often, since life has been a bit crazy. Now to catch up-to-date!

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