Feeling more myself

It’s nearing the end of February and I can’t quite believe how fast this year is going.

We’ve made plans to go to a rope workshop which seemed months away and is now only weeks away! We have bought tickets to go to the bike show in Manchester and have started making a list of places to visit on a weekend on our bikes.

We had a brilliant long weekend and despite not sleeping particularly well it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I also had my hair lightened, the first step at any rate and it turned out much better than I thought it would.

So I feel more like myself than I have in months. I even went to work on my bike yesterday….

It’s Wednesday as I write this and MrH is in the bath. It’s chat night followed by a cane session, and I want to try and talk to MrH about some things on my mind. I won’t write them here because he’ll read it and while that would mean I don’t have to say them it would defeat the object – that being I need to learn to speak them.

I am going to write a list though so I can work through it!

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