Maintenance Wednesdays

The importance of communication

MrH and I are what I would describe as a living evolving organism, a constant work in progress if you will. We are imperfect beings and we accept that.

Last week we (and not for the first time) we talked about communication and how it’s easy for us to let it fall down. We are very comfortable with each other and don’t need to talk to fill awkward silences. We can sit in happy, comfortable, companionable silence without issue. But that means we don’t necessarily make the effort to really talk.

Introducing D/s, the power exchange that entails and the physicality of play means we need to make that effort. So, MrH decided that Wednesdays would be the talk and cane night. We would talk and then the cane would come out. This isn’t a punishment, it’s not meant as one. But I find impact play relaxing and beneficial. It helps me sleep and calms my mind. It helps me maintain my head space.

Last night was a rare opportunity.

Our son went out to a concert and we were home alone all evening. We did all our normal things.


We talked.

Then MrH got the floggers out and he used them for a short time. Even with the move about we still don’t have sufficient swinging room.

Then he asked me to lie on the bed and he got the cane out. I asked him if he would consider getting the squealer out and to my delight he did.

I was thoroughly squealed 😂 and drifted off into subspace. I think it probably took over half an hour for me to come back afterwards and I fell asleep shortly after that.

It was a great night.

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