More, more, more!

I have a brat in me. I know I do. I am greedy and demanding and petulant at times. I want more. Always more.

More cuddles.

More kisses.

More of him.

More of us.

I cuddle up and breathe him in. I’m safe and his body warms me up (I’m usually cold).

But that petulant brat wants more. She wants him to tell her to suck his cock. She wants him to use the wand on her while She does, and when she’s spent she wants him to do her doggy style and cum deep inside her. I told you that brat in me is very demanding didn’t I?

Mostly I gag her and shush her. After all she’s selfish and I don’t like that side of myself. I don’t want to be “all about me” and what I want because this is a partnership and we each need to be fulfilled.

But I do need to tell MrH what she’s thinking because then if he wants to he can decide to incorporate these into play, and that really does shut her up!

Image courtesy of Disney.

9 Replies to “More, more, more!”

  1. I’m much the same way, I alway want more of HD’s attention. It was quite a lot worse after my sister passed but seems to have calmed down a bit. Although I still want a lot more of his attention than I let on.

    I don’t know that it’s selfish necessarily…I mean, Mr. H would be getting a lot of enjoyment too. You are just wanting to make sure you are both satisfied. 🙂

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