We were supposed to go away this coming Saturday, but today we have had to take the decision to cancel. Not because we want to particularly but because MrH’s motorbike needs a new exhaust. We hoped it could be repaired but alas no. The money we would spend on our hotel is going to be needed to pay for the repair.

There’s an element of disappointment of course. This would be our first hotel break since the end of November, and we were looking forward to taking pictures and letting our hair down.

Depending on the anticipated costs we could look at going to the local budget hotel but until we speak to the garage tomorrow we won’t be able to make that decision.

We have looked at the Townhouse event guide and hope to get to the rope workshop in March as MrH is not scheduled to be on call the week it’s on! So that will be interesting and hopefully lots of fun too as they have suspension points and lots of space.

I’m trying hard not to allow my disappointment get me down. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to pull me back emotionally. This weekend I felt quite wobbly from an emotional point of view. The wand play on Friday was quite intense and Saturday I was at the hairdressers for a few hours. It sounds daft but the time apart from MrH left me feeling distant. Sunday saw me drift further into myself and eventually I asked if I could snuggle and I tried to find my way to him.

At bedtime he got the flogger and cane out, by the time he had finished I was back to myself.

So here we are Monday evening and MrH has just finished his bath. I’m going to go and snuggle because it’s so easy to lie here and play sudoku or solitaire, which has the downside of making me feel distant. My little inner naughty voice likes to argue that if MrH wanted to cuddle me he would tell me to stop playing games but in reality I know he assumes I am content doing what I’m doing. Essentially the naughty voice likes to stir up trouble!!

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