Favourite toys

The sinful Sunday prompt this week is the letter “F” which got me thinking of things beginning with “f”…. of course there were the obvious ones, fucking, fornicate, flashing, fingering…. but I didn’t want to even try to do something with those!

In the end I picked furbabies because my cats are special to me and I like to play with editing software. You can see the image Here.

But I did get stuck on the word favourite too.

In particular something that Purplesole said recently. That you buy loads of toys and then end up with loads you don’t like. Well I completely agree with him. We have loads that just don’t do it for me at all, for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s the shape, texture or feel of them, sometimes it’s the way they vibrate. I’ve sent things back to lovehoney because I’ve disliked them so much (they have an excellent customer satisfaction policy).

But of our usual vibration toys which is my favourite? A while ago I would have said promises…. but since the Doxy entered our collection it’s become my firm favourite. That magic wand can bring me to orgasm in less than 60 seconds ….

My favourite impact implement is MrH’s hand closely followed by the cane. We haven’t used the squealer (below) or the floggers enough for me to really say where they are but I enjoy them both.

But my absolute favourite thing is MrH’s cock and if it’s inside me (mouth, pussy, arse) I’m happy, but we do have the clone we made too so I do get to have the best of both as it were and MrH can double penetrate me 😊😊. I think we may make more clones in the future as we have talked about remaking it (we could do better) as this one is rough round the edges so to speak and also try to make some sort of double penetrating clone that MrH can operate with one hand. I mean how awesome would that be? Every hole filled by MrH….. heaven!

Add the doxy and there you have my favourite fantasy

I guess I just have to hope my favourites and MrH’s are the same 😊

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