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January 2019

Love love love 💕

The topic for Food for thought Friday this week is Love… and as this is something close to my heart ❣ I decided to take part so here goes……. What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? I think you could ask 10,000 people this question and they would all have a different answer. Some of it depends on the type of love you choose to define. By that I mean romantic, familial or platonic. I believe they are all linked by the simple fact that if you care for a person you may describe

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Laugh together

When I married MrH my gran gave me some advice. Advice I listened to because she and my grandad were married for over 50 years and died within 3 months of each other.  She said, “laugh together often and be kind to each other.” Over time I’ve seen many relationships falter. Lovers who become strangers, indifferent to each other, and eventually not even friendship remains. Is this advice the key? Does laughter and kindness keep a relationship strong? Probably not on it’s own, but, in order to laugh together you have to be communicating in some way. Listening to each other

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That wasn’t me…

It was the wand. Last night after play, I thanked MrH for allowing me to cum and he responded, “that wasn’t anything to do with me it was the wand.” He sounded upset too which played on my mind a little. At one time manual masturbation was my usual method. I had a vibrator “promises” which I would sometimes get out but 8 of 10 times my fingers did the job admirably. Over the last few months our toy box has expanded and then we got a wand. First a LoveHoney one, then MrH got us a Doxy for Christmas.

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Sunday Snuggle

Sunday mornings are our lazy mornings. We don’t have any alarms to wake us up. We don’t have anywhere to be. I love Sundays for this reason. We get to snuggle. There’s a line I love from the Twighlight Breaking dawn movie.  It wasn’t in the books, but in this case I don’t mind the addition. “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to and accept you for what you are.” Edward Cullen wedding speech from Twilight Breaking Dawn pt1 – the movie.   It sums up perfectly how I feel about MrH. Now granted Snuggles

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Well actually 305…. I have 305 people who have decided to follow my blog! I’m amazed, astounded and as always humbled and grateful. Thank you all ❤️

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I’m fine….

These two words are a lie.  Almost every (and I’m going to say it) woman who utters these two words just lied.  Add in a mental illness and everyone, man or woman, who says it – lied, but we would rather lie than inflict our pain on someone else.  We would rather hide behind the lie than face the truth and say it. I am not fine. It took me years to get the courage to be honest when someone asked me “are you ok?” Because “I’m tired” or “I’m struggling” or “I’m heading towards the blackest out of despair” sounds either inadequate

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Make me want you

Yesterday MrH said he might let me suck his cock to completion. I did start the morning allowed to suck his cock for a few minutes and I spent the rest of the day horny. Now I love it when he lets me do this. And even writing it makes me wet. So being greedy I asked if he planned anything else… He told me off (quite rightly) reminding me I should be grateful for what I get given. So last night we went to bed and I waited to be told to pleasure him. He called me to do

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This path is ours

The sentence “I think I’d like it if you did that to me” started MrH and I down a new path. We took our first exploratory steps a few hours later, and I am so glad we did. In my mind it lead to a world where MrH kept me naked and constantly used my body in delightful and wicked ways. I would have his cum in every orifice daily. He would spank me over his knee every day to remind me I am his, make me drinks and meals to ensure I am eating/drinking properly and he would control

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22 January 2019, update.

It’s now been a month since I stopped taking tramadol and I think I’m finally done with the side effects. I’ve not had a brain zap in a while and my mood has lifted. I’m able to concentrate [as well as I ever did anyway 😂] and I’m sleeping better. Works going well too and my girls are picking up the new things brilliantly. That’s not to say January hasn’t thrown us a few curve balls…. MrH’s motorbike had needed a new exhaust 😡. If we wanted to put a genuine Kawasaki replacement the parts alone were priced at over

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In brief

Mr H picks my underwear each day and Fridays I’m not allowed to wear panties (unless otherwise instructed). This week I was told to wear panties as it was cold. 6 months ago I would have argued. Yesterday I simply said “Yes Sir.” But it felt strange. I was aware of them all day, and it’s not like I don’t wear them every other day! Comfort is key. As soon as I can after work I strip off and pull on a pair of pyjamas. I generally ditch my bra and panties at the same time and on a weekend

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