The knicker fairy delivers

There is a lovely Ann Summers rep I know and MrH and I order lingerie from her.

As there is a sale on we ordered two new sets.

They arrived today and they are lovely, but as I look pictures to show MrH I was struck by negative thoughts.

Serious negative thoughts.

Now I know, I have body image issues. They stem back to my adolescence and a lack of good parental encouragement. I was never told I was pretty, or clever. I had a big arse, a flat chest, and I was lazy in school. At least that’s what they told me. Turns out I was not lazy just severely dyslexic. And looking back I was a perfect size 10. I mean 34-24-34 …. I wasn’t flat chested I had a perfect hourglass figure, but I couldn’t see it. I still can’t.

I’m going to post the images here, because I need to face these demons head on.



And I believe MrH would say that as self conscious as I feel about them he on the other hand would say, “I happen to have a very high regard for your wobbly bits. In all circumstances.” (Stolen from Bridget Jones Diary – spoken by Mark Darcy).

16 Replies to “The knicker fairy delivers”

  1. You look beautiful!! And, we all think we are fat in high school. I know I did and I was definitely not! I’m so glad MrH is there for you!

  2. “Wobbly bits” lol! Love me some Bridget Jones but unfortunately that’s exactly how I feel about myself. Age has a way of doing that. Thankful he likes my wobbly bits. I think you look beautiful…

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