23rd December 2018

I’m determined to finish my advent post challenge – but I imagine the next three (this included) will be my worst ever posts!

I have now missed 3 Doses of tramadol.

By lunch time yesterday I was feeling the effects.


Brain Zaps

My body feels heavy, achy. My sinus are congested. My head aches. Essentially like a bad cold.

I slept a little yesterday afternoon.

I struggled to get comfortable to sleep last night but did eventually fall asleep.

MrH has gone in search of rich tea biscuits to help settle my tummy.

In the mean time I’m drinking plenty and resting.

As they say “this too shall pass.”

As a little addendum…. I probably won’t be reading many posts as reading doesn’t help the nausea – but as soon as I am able I will read ๐Ÿ˜Š

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