18th December 2018

He rolled on his side and reached between my legs. Pulling one towards him he parted my thighs.

“You may touch me,” he said quietly.

Eager I reached out for him. My hand closed around his cock, already getting hard as he does when he touches me.

I admit I was less than focused on pleasing him.

His fingers quickly found the places that I love to be touched. As I sighed, and moaned his cock grew harder, prompting me to stroke his cock.

He became more demanding, plunging his fingers into me, and my first orgasm of the night washed over me.

He demanded more..

“Come for me.”

A second orgasm.

He demanded more and more. Fingers in me, harder and faster.

A third orgasm, one of those that takes my whole body over built, and I found my self begging him not to stop.

He didn’t.

As the tremors ran through me he moved. I rolled onto my side and he had used my mouth. Thrusting into me, until he filled me with cum. I drank him in greedily.

It was a damn good night!

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