17th December 2018

Gosh it’s Monday again. Only one more Monday until Christmas Day and my advent challenge will end.

So, my wonderful readers, what shall we discuss this evening?

I could tell you about my day at work (mostly uneventful).

I could tell you about the direct message I received on twitter (and no he hadn’t asked MrH first).

I could tell you about how horny I am.

I could tell you how I’d like MrH to take out the cane and the wand and his rope.

How I wish he would order me to stand by the wall arms on my head, while he places the mat on the bed.

How I’d love him to tell me to get on the bed face down.

How I want him to restrain my arms to the head board and to secure my feet to the bottom of the bed.

How in this spread-eagle position I dream of him placing the wand between my legs where I can’t escape it’s touch as he applies the cane to my backside the way I adore.

How I’d love him to take handfuls of my hair and demand I cum for him again and again.

But then again, if I did that you may be as horny as me…… 🤣😂🤣

MrH is in the bath… and I’m in bed having already showered and washed and dried my hair.

Unfortunately this means I have lots of time to imagine him naked in the bath…. the bubbles…. his cock… and that leads back to…. 😊 (sigh)😁

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