16th December 2018

I got my treat, my reward…. MrH told me to suck his cock 😁 and then ordered me to lie on my back and spread my legs wide. He checked I was wet and asked “who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours” I replied

“Good girl, I think you are ready for my cum”

He moved between my legs and entered me. He moved my legs up and I ended up in that awesome position where every thrust hit my g spot. No orgasm for me yesterday, (I did have lines last week so I accept I wasn’t wholly deserving) but I did enjoy it loads.

I was asleep like someone had turn off a switch and slept soundly all night.

More sewing today for me as well as food shopping. Unfortunately some evil people have already booked the delivery slots for this weekend and next!!!! I wouldn’t care but the shops are shut for 1 day!!!!!!

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