16th December 2018 – part 2

I’ve done too much – again 🙁

I forget my limitations. Until it’s too late. Then exhaustion overtakes me.

I had a few projects to complete today.

  1. I needed to hem the skirt I started last week so I could get that put away (and wear it of course)
  2. I needed to do the cover for the large door in our bedroom.
  3. I needed to hem the curtains that I started shortening a few weeks ago.
  • Ok so needed is probably the wrong word. I wanted to. We also had to go, actually go!! to the supermarket. And, we had to go to my mums to visit my stepdad who is home after completing his first full matrix of chemotherapy.
  • So lots to do.
  • And I also reduced my day tramadol to 100mg.
  • At 5pm I hit the wall.
  • Hard.
  • My head feels a little foggy. That will be the tramadol reduction.
  • My legs ache. That would be the quick walk back from the garage in heals on Friday.
  • I’m thirsty. Yes I’ve made a drink….
  • I’m hungry. Tea’s cooking…. oh yes I had a daft idea that we should have a roast dinner today…. and now I don’t have the energy to cook it.
  • That means it falls on MrH and I feel guilty.
  • I may end up crying this evening. Usually tired leads to tears.
  • Oh and I ought to wash my hair tonight but I really don’t have the energy to do that either.

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