13th December 2018

The weekend is almost here.

Payroll went well yesterday and I even resolved a few issues we had with the process.

Our little office Junior (I will call her Bea) has come along brilliantly. She’s picked up the fundamentals of purchase ledger, and is eager to learn. My accounts assistant (whom I have decided to call Dee) is also picking up the more advanced accounting things like journal processing. In all they are both learning well. This means I get to help the business as a whole with more general admin allowing them to spend time on project management. We have only 7 more working days to go before the Christmas shut down and in all fairness 2 of those are likely to be half days, so we have a lot to get through in a short space of time.

This Friday is our Christmas meal and next Friday they usually shut up before 1pm.

Of course as an added bonus, we get to process 2 weeks worth of payroll next week…. that should be it’s own kind of special hell.

I spoke with my GP yesterday too, and she’s approved of my plans and issued alternative pain meds. All being well I will be tramadol free by Christmas Day.


Yesterday I really dropped the ball and only sent pictures of 2 out of the 6 or 7 drinks that I had at work. I forgot to send a picture of my dinner or tell MrH that I had stopped for dinner.

He had a bad headache all day, as did I, so he may not have even realised. He normally would message “are you drinking plenty?” And he didn’t today. Maybe he was testing me to see if I followed his instructions.

Naturally there is part of me hopes MrH had planned to pull me up for my mistake to speak to me about my lack of picture evidence. But, being me I messaged him to list the drinks I had had during the day and showing him I had realised my mistakes. To confess.

As punishment tonight I have to write 50 lines… “I must remember to send pics”

I must remember to send pics….

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