10th December 2018

I ache.

My pussy throbs for release.

I did a bit too much yesterday, sewing and then ironing. I should have put a corset on while I was sewing to help me keep good posture. I knew I’d done too much before I did the ironing but I did it anyway. I did ask MrH to empty the dryer and washing machine the final time, but by then it was too late.

So MrH told me to go to sleep, and that he would see how my back is tomorrow (today). So, no play 🙁. I’m beginning to think he does have a bigger sadistic side to him 🤔🤔 I’m gonna be thinking about him all day needy as I am.

I’ve successfully reduced my tramadol meds over the weekend. The thing is, I have chronic pain. My back is the worst point, but I have arthritis in several joints. The back pain has prevented me from effective exercise for years. Now my muscles are stiff and need reconditioning. I’m doing basic stretches and exercises now. Nothing too aggressive. Just core work gentle stretching. All of which will help my body.

I’ll be making a drs appointment today not only for MrH (who has an awful cough) but to discuss alternative pain medication for when I stop the tramadol altogether over Christmas. I will, all being well, start the new year tramadol free.

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