2nd December 2018

Today’s been a mixed bag. I didn’t sleep well. Pain medication can have that as a side effect, insomnia I mean.

The pain procedure seems to be working well, and now work can begin on reducing the amount of pain medication I take, and slowly increasing activity.

I can’t just stop as the side effects aren’t pleasant.

I’ve knitted and potters about today, washing and the likes, all boring really.

Sunday’s are a funny old day….

The devils grape has eased sufficiently that I can return to work tomorrow.

Now I’m sat/curled up/snuggling with MrH and I’m plotting….. can I possibly persuade him to some play time…. impact play is out of course but rope….

He could tie me up and use the doxy on me….. now there’s a delicious thought. The rope is always delicious and relaxes me…. the doxy well a few orgasms always helps me sleep not to mention the pain relieving effect of the endorphins… but the jewel in the crown would be Sirs cum… I always say to him… in me… on me… just give it to me… show me that you desire me that much.

And- on that note I’m going to get some ice cream to cool down 😂 before I get in the bath!


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