1st December 2018

How on earth has December come around again so quickly?

This year so much has happened.

2 jobs.

3 medical procedures.

Our D/s relationship has continued to grow, hitting a plateau, and then moving forward again.

I have decided to challenge myself to an advent blog challenge. For the next 25 days I am going to write a blog post everyday. Well I’m going to try 😂

I had the second part of the radio frequency nerve ablation yesterday. Last night I was extremely uncomfortable, but as the night turned to early morning the pain began to lessen. Right now my back is feeling pretty good.

The haemorrhoid is still sore but yesterday it decided to burst, which apart from leaving me queasy, I suspect means it is on the way to healing. I am able to sit and stand now so that’s good and I’m looking forward to getting back to work on Monday.

The next step of course is reducing the tramadol over the next 21 days, with a view to coming off it completely over the Christmas holidays when any adverse effects can be managed.

Communication continues to improve, I think, with me talking to MrH again about how we move forward with the D/s and how I would like it to work better or differently. He said he would have a think.

I’m still hoping that we can start having more two way discussions, rather than me asking and him having to go away and think about his answer. MrH isn’t good or comfortable talking about his feelings or thoughts, he keeps it to himself, but I hope that he is willing to push his comfort and work on doing that more.

Today the top 100 sex blogs has been announced and I was so happy to see many familiar names on the list. At the same time (and after all I’m only human!) there was a little disappointment that my blog wasn’t among the nominations. Now, I don’t want anyone to think I believe my blog to be “better” than those nominated or anything like that, because I don’t… not in the least… but don’t we all secretly want that little bit of recognition?? So, in the interest of keeping it real I admit to that feeling of disappointment.


I’m going to head back to my super sexy knitting project 😂 and hope that MrH is busy mentally planning on new/better/more effective ways to manage our D/s, to keep communication flowing, immediate and two way, and to keep me motivated to follow the rules.

But before I do, look what MrH made me… a bracelet that matches my day chain!

15 Replies to “1st December 2018”

  1. When did you start blogging out of curiosity? Perhaps at the time of nominations, you weren’t quite a year old yet so that may have put you off the top 100. It’s hard not to be disappointed especially when you put out as much content as you can, but you have a lot of followers who adore you.

    1. Erm, you know I wasn’t sure so I’ve just looked back, my first blog post was published 6th November 2017…. so I am in that in between I guess, not brand new but not that old lol…

      I’m so grateful for all those who follow my ramblings and admit it seems churlish to be disappointed… and I’m sure there are many others who felt that twinge of sadness too..

      I am thrilled for the people who were nominated and I did cast my vote 😊

    1. Thank you 😊

      We started by buying some cheap split rings from eBay and he followed YouTube videos as he taught himself the different designs. My collar and this are sterling silver and he buys the silver rings and fastens from Palmer Metals.

      I love them. Not only does the collar symbolise our dynamic but he made it for me.

  2. I was also surprised that you weren’t on the list sweet. I think your blog is great and you have built up a good following really quickly. I like your advent challenge idea too 😊

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