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December 2018

2018 – What a year.

This isn’t going to be a long post. Not at all. This year I’ve learned a lot about myself and MrH. We’ve loved more. We’ve talked more. We’ve grown closer. We’ve made new friends. There’s a number of blogs I read that I find inspiring and interesting, but I’m only going to mention a couple here. SubMissy is an amazing woman. I’ve had the privilege to meet her and HisLordship and I very much hope to see them again. New bloggers Purplesole and LittleGem have created a wonderful blog, and their posts are a delightful read. I would like to

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Too many toys?

Is there such a thing? Surely not. I mean you can’t have too many shoes either right?  But, we have toys at the moment that we haven’t yet used. Toys I’ve been looking forward to MrH using.  We have two sets of clamps that have yet to come out of the wrappers, that we got after a visit to see HisLordship and SubMissy and we have a spiral glass dildo that we have yet to try. And today we ordered a pebble clit stim from the knickerfairy. Now MrH is damn good with his hands, but I would be lying if I said

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The knicker fairy delivers

There is a lovely Ann Summers rep I know and MrH and I order lingerie from her. As there is a sale on we ordered two new sets. They arrived today and they are lovely, but as I look pictures to show MrH I was struck by negative thoughts. Serious negative thoughts. Now I know, I have body image issues. They stem back to my adolescence and a lack of good parental encouragement. I was never told I was pretty, or clever. I had a big arse, a flat chest, and I was lazy in school. At least that’s what

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Brain Zapps

So I’m 5 days off tramadol. It’s going well, I think. I’ve found ways to manage the lingering nausea (thank you Gaviscon) and also ginger biscuits, and ginger and lemongrass cordial with sparkling water. But one thing I can’t get around are the Brain Zapps. Honestly it’s like someone whispers in your ear “Zappzapp” and there’s a mild shock runs through your head from one side to the other. They are unpredictable and fleeting but also make you very aware that your mental capacity is compromised. A few years ago my dr put me onto a type of antidepressant that

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Christmas Surprise

I reached out and touched him. When he’s naked I’m allowed to touch without first seeking permission. I stroked his cock, gently. I leaned closer, kissing him, and when he didn’t tell me to stop, I took him in my mouth. He grew hard, and sighed. I continued to please him. Hearing him moan with pleasure, encouraging me to continue. Now I admit I wasn’t taking him in as deep as normal, which I know he loves, because of my nausea which I’ve been suffering. I’m grateful MrH didn’t complain or force me deeper on his cock. After all he

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Christmas Day 2018

I’m still suffering from the tramadol withdrawal. Which sucks. MrH is looking after me, as is our youngest B. Our eldest S didn’t come home, he went to stay with friends. We don’t really make a huge fuss at Christmas we never have. I’m not a fan of commercialisation and the oneupmanship that occurs this time of year. We’ve always had a simple budget for Christmas presents for the boys [£100 each] and at birthdays they get £50. In our opinion it’s enough. There have been occasions when they have had larger gifts… an Xbox or a computer. These have

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24th December 2018

The nausea continues. Restlessness too. MrH is at work for a few hours. And I miss him. I’m watching mindless TV and staying hydrated. Nibbling on rich tea biscuits. MrH gave me some lashes with the cane last night just to help me relax. It did. It still took me a while to fall asleep but I felt really good. Some of the brain fog is clearing. If the nausea would just bugger off I’d feel like I’m getting somewhere.

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23rd December 2018

I’m determined to finish my advent post challenge – but I imagine the next three (this included) will be my worst ever posts! I have now missed 3 Doses of tramadol. By lunch time yesterday I was feeling the effects. Nausea. Brain Zaps My body feels heavy, achy. My sinus are congested. My head aches. Essentially like a bad cold. I slept a little yesterday afternoon. I struggled to get comfortable to sleep last night but did eventually fall asleep. MrH has gone in search of rich tea biscuits to help settle my tummy. In the mean time I’m drinking

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21st December 2018

We finished work at half past 12. We got a little Christmas gift from the directors too, which is nice. I bought a new battery for my motorbike, and then went to pick up MrH. Then followed 2 hours of pure horror as we shopped for food in a supermarket and bought a cat litter. The people driving were impatient and rude. The people in the supermarket were focused on their own shopping, oblivious to those around them. We finally got home and had an hour before we set off again to go back to town for the opticians. My

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