His Little old lady

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart. I’m 44 and I’ve had surgery to remove osteoarthritis from my big toe joint so it would bend. I have arthritis in my shoulders, spine and knees.  I’ve had an operation to stop stress incontinence and I have had a hysterectomy.

The arthritis in my spine causes so much pain I take strong painkillers and am now having a nerve ablation to provide long term pain relief. This treatment will have to be repeated annually.

Since my hysterectomy I’ve suffered with urinary tract infections and developed rear vaginal wall weakness that causes my back passage to bulge into the vaginal cavity.

And now, haemorrhoids.

I mean, honestly how much more….

I’m 44 and sometimes I feel like a really really old lady!

When we met I was a single mom and as he says, I was his MILF…

We’ve grown together, raised 2 wonderful boys together.

Thank goodness he wants us to grow old together too ‘cos I seem to be growing older faster than him.

Why is it men get better looking as they get older?? MrH certainly has.

When this pain procedure has been done, I am looking forward to being able to walk a little more. Maybe then I won’t feel so old.

The only time I don’t feel old is when he holds me. When he kisses me. When I’m with him. Then I feel ageless. I am his and he is mine. Nothing else matters.

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  1. I’ve always heard that women age while men just become more distinguished. From what I’ve seen that’s certainly true!

    I’m sorry about your health struggles. Having a body that doesn’t function properly sucks. 🙁 Hopefully the nerve ablation will take one item off your hands, for a while.

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