Please take my pain away…

“Please Sir, Please will you take my pain away?”

“I wish I could”

“You can”


“Tie me, cane me, use me, anything that sends me towards subspace takes it away for a while. Let’s me forget”

This is how a conversation went between MrH and myself yesterday. I am prone to getting small cysts in my labia. It’s quite common apparently. The Drs have no particular cause (tight clothing etc) they have just told me that unfortunately if you’re prone you’re prone. There are so many glands down there to lubricate etc that they can easily become blocked. Last weekend I woke with 2 small lumps. As the week progressed they enlarged and got more painful. One finally burst and drained yesterday, but the other remains.

It feels like I’m sitting on a very uncomfortable golf ball. In reality it’s probably a pea 😂

But the pain has been wearing on me this week.

So after a little while MrH retrieved his cane and as I lay on the bed he said, “let’s try 100 lashes shall we?”

I didn’t really keep track… I thought I was counting in my head but at the point that I reached 100 MrH said “well that’s 90. Let’s see if we can take some harder ones shall we?”

I murmured agreement and he began.

Each strike a little harder. Some making me gasp. The last ten done he told me it was over and put the cane away.

I adjusted position and he covered me with a blanket. He laid at my side and placed his hand on my back so I knew he was there and I reached up to hug his arm. I floated there, relaxed and comfortable for some time, I don’t know how long.

But ultimately Sir did exactly as I asked. He took my pain away.

Post Script Note:

MrH checks in with me throughout any impact play. Asking if I am ok, watching my body reactions. Making sure that I am ok is something he takes very seriously.

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