The kinky side of life.

November 2018

My love, my life…. always

We had a wonderful time at the hotel. MrH blindfolded me and kissed me. He led me to the bed and had me shuffle back. I felt myself move over the waterproof mat so he’d put that over the bed. He passed me the Doxy. “Masturbate for me,” he said.

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Bridging the gap

Yesterday I had a melt down. We hit what’s probably been the biggest wall in our D/s journey. Relatively speaking the first 16 months of our D/s have moved along without much difficulty (after the initial adjustment and frenzy passed). I’ve had a couple of “ahhh” (or lightbulb 💡 moments)

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Maintenance works…

He’s semi reclined on the bed when I walk in the room. I don’t realise immediately that he has his cane in his hand. What I did notice is that our boy cat is sat up, attentive. When I do notice the cane I realise that this is what has

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What’s too much?

Thanks to the issue I mentioned in my previous post it’s been a while since MrH allowed me to/brought me to/gave me (choose your own meaning there) an orgasm. I’ve talked about how I no longer seem able to orgasm through masturbation – I just don’t seem to have the

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