Rituals revisited

Every night MrH will say “let’s do your collar.”

It’s at different times each day usually after supper, but it can be any time before 10pm. Sometimes if I am really tired I will ask if we can do it straight after supper – essentially if I think I’m falling asleep, but other wise I wait for him.

When I look back to our early days, I would whittle and stress thinking he would forget. It took a little while for me to trust that he would remember, which he does. I’m not saying there haven’t been occasions when we’re both tired and I will say as we’re turning off the lights, “we haven’t done my collar” but it’s been a really long time since that happened.

After he’s swapped them over, he wraps his arms around me, sometimes he runs his hands over my body first. Then he asks me:

“Who’s are you?”

“Who’s my precious girl?”

“Who’s the only girl who gets my cum?”

Sometimes he adds others like:

“Who’s my sexy girl?”

“Who looked stunning tonight?”

Of course some questions are easier to answer than others….

last night, he held me and said, “tomorrow I am going to use the cane on you.”

Not a question, a statement of intent. Naturally this turned me on, he was showing me more dominance, my submissive self has had a super big smile on all day, not to mention the squidgy pussy I’ve had whenever he’s wandered into my thoughts.

My anxieties automatically lesson when I feel this and I seem to defer my thinking to what would MrH want me to do in this situation?

As a result, today, when the opportunity presented itself to speak to my bosses I told them how exhausted I was and asked to tweak my hours. I’ve only actually lost 45 mins of pay, but I finish 30 mins earlier 4 days a week. This change took immediate effect.

So at 4:30 I headed home. No traffic. It took 15-20 mins. I was home before MrH. I was able to start preparing tea. When he arrived home I was able to undress him.

That 30 minutes made a massive difference.

I’m now laid in bed. I’ve shaved as usual and washed my hair. I’m waiting now wondering if he plans to cane me when he gets out of the bath before supper… or after supper…. there’s advantages to doing it before. Mainly with this I get to snuggle for longer afterwards. If we do it after supper it’s short snuggle then sleep.

Before anyone thinks he rushes aftercare he doesn’t he never tells me I can’t cuddle and if I needed it he is happy to do so as long as I need.

Anyway… bit of a rambling post I guess but, this is what my blog is a about. Me putting my thoughts on metaphoric paper 📝😊 and I guess I’ll find out soon enough what MrH has planned.


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