The kinky side of life.

October 2018

My Sir

Things have been strange recently. I think D/s has become our normal/default setting and so in many ways the sparkly new shine it once had has gone. I don’t mean to suggest that I’m not content because I am – very much so. I still feel calmer and more settled

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Journal entry 24th October 2018

They cancelled my hospital admission. I was supposed to be having the second procedure done in my spine on Monday… by today I would have been feeling better… by Friday I would have been, dare I say, finally pain free. At least my back wouldn’t be hurting. Instead I am

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A dirty word?

Monogamy as defined by the Collins Dictionary is the state or custom of having a sexual relationship with only one partner When I first asked MrH to consider adding BDSM into our relationship and we began the discussions outside play wasn’t talked about. Then we started chatting to a couple

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I’m in heaven…..Seriously. We got home 6 hours ago (it’s now 16:15) and I’m still floating on a high. The crash will not be pretty. But right now. Damn! I feel spectacular….. The day started well, MrH allowed me to suck his cock, then he used my pussy and gave

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Reflecting on…. life

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of discussions between Mr H and myself, about where we are, where we seem to be heading, and where we want to head.  These have led to a few realisations that in fact we need to change direction because we are

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