I told you to watch this space.

MrH has gone to the allotment. I’m sewing.

Before he left he took my hand and asked me to come with me. He took me upstairs, pulled down my leggings, told me to spread my cheeks and inserted the butt plug.

If it gets uncomfortable I have to message him.

18 Replies to “Plugged”

    1. It made me feel connected to him while he was out – then when he came home I was just about to say “it’s getting uncomfortable” (I think I’d been wearing it for about 3 hours at that point) our friends turned up unexpectedly. So for the next 2 hours I was sat in company aware I was plugged, and unable to ask Sir if I could remove it.

  1. Very hot. I love butt plugs so much. Wearing them, but especially making my slut wear one. It’s really good to make them wear in public and at work. I hope to get a remote controlled vibrating one soon. Then I will make her wear the remote controlled egg we have in her pussy and that in her ass and we’ll go out for brunch or drinks.

      1. Thanks! The one we have seems to stay in ok for the most part. She usually wears tight panties also and that helps.

        I actually tried to wear a large plug to work once and had to take it out within 30 mins of getting there. It just wouldn’t stay in! Haha.

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