Aannnd relax!

Our eldest has gone…. headed to London Town for to seek his fortunes….

And within an hour of his going the house felt calm again.

Admittedly I will have to disinfect his room (he smokes) and although he doesn’t do it in the house (as far as I’m aware) the room stinks 😷

He couldn’t take all his things and so at some point we will send the rest via a courier service.

But for now the main thing is – he’s gone. Sir and I can be normal again. And I can’t wait 😊😊

8 Replies to “Aannnd relax!”

  1. Oooo sweet – I am so envious at all the opportunities you will have to explore more now. Glad that your son has found something that he wants to do too πŸ™‚

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