The kinky side of life.

September 2018

Forced Orgasm Heaven

This morning our youngest went to help out my mum and we were given a couple of hours alone. Normally I would be winking and nudging MrH all morning about this “alone time” and what we might do in it, but today, for some strange reason I didn’t. I say

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Andante Andante…

Is one of my all time ABBA favourites. Seriously… Its so sensual and beautiful. It’s one of the songs on my “love” playlist that I listen to when we’re away in hotels (or playing at home if MrH tells me to put music on). The lyrics seem so perfect. I

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Home improvements

Our recent visit to stay with Missy and HisLordship made us think about and talk about a lot of things. They have a beautiful home. The bedrooms are so spacious we got to thinking how could we give ourselves a better play space that would be practical. Before we got

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The Long Drive

On our journey home yesterday MrH and I talked. We discussed our D/s in terms of what we want and where we are going. Perhaps I should explain…. On Friday we went to Scotland to stay with HisLordship and Missy, and we feel very grateful to them for allowing us

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A good fuck

“You do that so well,” he said.  He was reclined on the bed, eyes half closed watching as she took his cock into her mouth over and over. “I want to cum inside you tonight,” he said.  “Are you wet?” He reached down and pushed his fingers between her thighs.

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Tartan skirts…

  A few recent creations, I have been having lots of fun making my own skirts A full length half circle skirt (with a pocket of course!) And a knee length half circle skirt (and yes, it has a pocket too!!)

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“I know what we’ll do!” MrH suddenly exclaimed last night. “We’ll get the cane out. We’ve not done that in a while.” He got up and got out the cane. “Where do you want me?” I asked. “On the bed, arse in the air.” He said. I put my body

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I told you to watch this space.  MrH has gone to the allotment. I’m sewing.  Before he left he took my hand and asked me to come with me. He took me upstairs, pulled down my leggings, told me to spread my cheeks and inserted the butt plug. If it gets uncomfortable

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Can’t quite put my finger on it…..

But I don’t feel right.  I usually feel calm and content. But instead I feel sad, disconnected, distant.  Although S1 headed off to London and we “in theory” had our old routines back things just don’t feel right. That’s not to say MrH and I haven’t played because we have. We

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Sexy Sounds (FFTF)

A lot of the bloggers I follow regularly do a FFTF post, but I’ve often read the prompt or questions and struggled to think of how I could answer. When I saw Rebel and Missy’s posts, and read the prompt, I decided that’s this week I wanted to take part….

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