I’ve always loved MrH’s hands. Before we started dating, I would watch him sat at the side of me in college as he typed on the computer, or played with his watch (he would unfasten and fasten it when he was bored). I would marvel at their size and the way the veins stood out. I would imagine them touching me, wondering what they would feel like. I’m sure you can appreciate it made for some very interesting lessons πŸ˜‚.

I still spend time touching his hands. Mine feel so small in his, and yet when he squeezes my hand in his it conveys so many things, you’re mine, you’re loved, you’re safe… well that’s how it makes me feel anyway.

So my sinful Sunday picture today is very chaste by usual standards, but as I’m recovering from a surgical procedure MrH has forbidden any kinky fuckery until he’s satisfied I’m recovered sufficiently.


I can’t express properly how much I love this man.

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Sinful Sunday

29 Replies to “Hands”

  1. First of all I hope you have a speedy recovery after your surgery, second of all i think this is a lovely image. I think holding hands with someone is so intimate and such a wonderful way to explore your connection with them x

  2. I LOVE this. I love the image – hands are sexy, but also what you have written about the past and the present. Brilliant and get well soon πŸ™‚

  3. Yes I feel the same about Michael’s hands and even now will sometimes sit and watch him type and think about those hands touching me and it always makes me wet


  4. I love to watch my OH’s hands too – I find them hot coz I usually wander off with my thoughts thinking about what they can do. Really sweet, cute image. I wish you a speedy recovery Xx

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