Pain relief- update

If you follow me you will remember me saying that I had a procedure coming up called “facet joint nerve ablation” whereby they would be burning the nerves causing me the back pain.

Well they did it yesterday, or at least they have done the left hand side.

The actual procedure wasn’t as bad as the test procedure which I talked about in Medical Branch Nerve Block.

But afterwards…. where during the test procedure I was immediately pain free – yesterday I’d have sworn blind I’d been hit by a truck.

I had a bad night, couldn’t get comfortable and so I slept badly. I dosed for about half an hour between 12 and 1 then I was awake for a few hours before falling back asleep.

This morning I’m feeling ok. Not pain free but that wasn’t expected. For one, they have only done one side, and for another they have heated my back to 82 degrees, so they warn you that your pain is likely to be worse before it gets better.

In about 2 weeks I’ll return for them to do the right side. Shortly after that I should be pain free……..

Watch this space!

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  1. I understand how it is to live with chronic physical pain, mine isn’t so bad but when it flares it’s very exhausting. I hope that the procedures work for you and that you can find relief really soon, it’s a pity they’re an ordeal in themselves!

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