The kinky side of life.

August 2018

The bump, the smack and the “O”

Sounds like the title to a children’s book doesn’t it? Well actually it just about sums up last Friday. It started with a car accident… well incident they say now don’t they? Some PC crap gone mental… but in this case it was an accident. Someone reversed into my car. Everyone seemed ok just damage to the cars. So onto work I went. My day progressed as normal, plenty of sweet drinks and then mid afternoon I came over funny. My colleague says I just went pale suddenly. So I left work early and headed home. Once home my Good

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Rope and A flogging

Last night we had a rare few hours with the boys out of the house. Mr H decided to take advantage of this freedom and after practicing a rope harness he’d been working on, he decided to give me a flogging. Flogging inspiration. You may recall we went to a workshop by Aemillia Hawk at the Townhouse last weekend, and a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to a kink event where we saw our first public scenes, which also happened to be floggings. Since the workshop Mr H has twirled and spun the flogger, practicing

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Keeping busy

You may or may not know I just got a new sewing machine and I’m super excited. So I needed a little project and this is what I’ve done…  

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Come here…..

“Come here,” he shouted from the other room. “Yes Sir,” she replied, not exactly shouting, but loud enough that he knew she had heard him. “I’m on my way.” She got up from the chair and went upstairs to him. He had been having a bath and as she could see the bathroom door was open she knew he was now in their bedroom. She pushed the door open and went into the room. “Remove your clothes,” he said, not looking up. He was lying on the bed, a towel over his hips. She flushed but did as she was

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Please Sir – play with me?

I struggle to ask MrH for things. Not like can I buy or can I eat, I mean sexual acts I want, and when I have chatted to other subs this seems to be a common theme.   I think there are 2 reasons for this. 1. Embarrassment or shame. 2. Fighting with the idea that I shouldn’t ask as a submissive. The second is easier to argue out. MrH tells me he’s not a mind reader, and if I don’t tell him he doesn’t know.  The first, not so easy. I’ve mentioned before that since we started this my sex drive

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