All wrong

On Thursday evening I remembered that we had a hotel reservation on Friday night. Normally we will have been planning and anticipating these stays but this week we were caught off guard, unprepared.

I went off to work on Friday, MrH was off work as his bike was having its service and MOT.

I finish early on Fridays, and MrH picked me up so we could go collect his bike. We arrived home, fed the cats and packed the case.

We left for the hotel at 5pm.

On the way MrH said he didn’t feel right. He said he didn’t think he actually did anything different but “I must” he said “as I don’t feel prepared and I don’t like it.”

We stopped at a pub on the way for tea (nothing to write home about) and arrived at the hotel just before 6.

The room was lovely. A suite of rooms.

We had baths.

We watched some tv.

We put on the robes that were provided.

MrH decided to do some rope work while the football was on. And as usual this relaxed me but I could tell MrH wasn’t feeling it.

We rested a little while then he decided to do some flogging.

MrH upped the anti on this, striking me harder than in previous flogging and I even flinched a few times. I relaxed even further. I don’t think I drifted into subspace but after I felt a little shaky.

We cuddled a little and I fell asleep.

We woke in the morning – early as usual.

We watched tv and waited for breakfast to be served.

MrH changed my collar and he hugged me. “I’m sorry it’s been a shit time” he said.

At 8 we went to have breakfast. After which we left and came home.

On the way home I fought back tears. It had been a shit time. We hadn’t connected right.

Nothing had felt right. Eventually I lost the fight and I cried.

We talked about it and have decided that there were a few things to learn.

  • We will make sure we know when we’re going away.
  • We will not plan a hotel play date away after work.

MrH and I hugged and cuddled through the day. Touching and kissing.

Fortunately last night our son went out to watch football at the pub. This meant MrH and I could take advantage of being alone.

I was instructed to suck Sirs Cock then to lie flat legs spread.

MrH used his mouth, tongue and fingers to bring me to orgasm a few times (I wasn’t counting), and, after I had drifted into subspace I squirted into his hands as he forced me to orgasm again and again. He then allowed me to take his cum in my mouth.

I drifted back. Safe and warm. I felt the connection between us.

Everything was right again.

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