Then there were 3

I guess this is a strange title and given the nature of my blog maybe some of you will think that we’re venturing into a new area – polyamory…. nope.. I’m referring to work!

I’ve now recruited a 3rd member of staff. The business needs about 90 to 100 hours a week of admin/accounts support and so it’s too much for 2 people even full time. So I’ve called back one of my candidates from my earlier interviews who wanted to work school hours only to a maximum of 25 hours a week. This meant that she wasn’t suitable for the initial role but she is perfect for this, and she’s accepted.

She starts Monday and today I’ve felt so much better. I’ve even been singing away at work.

I’m now certain that I will be able to organise and support the business effectively. More importantly I won’t have to work at weekends anymore!!!!

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