Sir ?

Last night when MrH was in the bath I sent him a message asking if I could get out a toy.  He replied that I could and asked me to video call him so he could watch me masturbate.  Unfortunately I didn’t see the instruction to video call him but I did get out the toy.  I picked promises and applied some lube.

I began lied on my back… slowly using the vibe… deciding to change things I knelt up and turned to face the headboard. Leaning forward slightly I was able to hold the vibe against my clit and rub against it, imagining that Sir was watching as it went into my pussy (naturally this helped)… then I heard a noise…

The bathroom door opened… Sir was coming. I thought briefly about stopping then I decided to use this… after all it was what I was imagining that he was watching so why not keep it going? So I did.

I could hear him moving around the room. And I was aware that he had settled himself at the bottom of the bed, he was definitely watching me masturbate.

I imagined he was getting hard and touching himself as he watched…. that did it … I climaxed.

When I turned he was crouched at the foot of the bed, he put his phone down (he’d been recording me) with a big grin on his face.

He stood and his cock was hard 😊

I smiled shyly at him and he lied down on the bed. He indicated that I should pleasure him orally and I pulled my hair into a bunch and asked him to hold it.

I set about pleasing Sir in the ways I know he likes, and he holding my hair in one hand, sometimes applied pressure to indicate if I should take him in deeply or not.

He then decided to use promises on me, and he inserted it into me and began to play.

Adding I knew he was enjoying my mouth and I placed two fingers at the base of his cock and applied a little pressure, putting my lips down to my fingers I worked a rhythm that matched his thrusts into me with the vibe.. he moaned…

“Are u ready for Sirs cum?” He asked

I tried to answer but it probably sounded like a muffled “umph” as I didn’t want to cease my rhythm…. he moaned as he came and even though I hadn’t realised I was close to it my own orgasm pulsed through me.

I drank every drop he spilled into me, as my pussy convulsed around the vibe. Muffled whimpers escaping me. After I was spent and he was too he pulled me to him, as I settled my head on his shoulder he kissed my forehead.

“Such a good girl” he said.


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