This week has been a whirlwind of activity.

The second member of staff started on Tuesday and she hit the ground running. We’ve had a few issues pop up and she’s dealt with them brilliantly.

Apart from having someone to talk to my workload hasn’t eased any yet but it will do..

I’ve even spent the weekend working as the sooner I get the data into the new software the sooner things will ease up.

In the mean time MrH is working to keep me grounded and maintain my submissive mental state once I get home and I’m extremely grateful to him.

I’m hoping that tonight MrH might have something special planned for me …. something deliciously dirty and hot!!!!

Next week we’re off to our favourite hotel and I can hardly wait…..

To be alone together.

With no distractions.

To be his.

6 more sleeps…….

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