The kinky side of life.

June 2018

One year …..

One year ago today I asked MrH to consider adding elements of BDSM to our relationship; primarily D/s. One year ago today MrH turned off the lights, spread my arms and legs and said, “don’t move“. One year ago today I had the most amazing sexual experience that I could

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What a wonderful night…

I could write in detail about our most recent hotel stay. I could tell you about the delicious food, the lovely rooms and the delightful view from the balcony. I could tell you how I was bound and pleasured. I could tell you about the seemly endless minutes of forced

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Sir ?

Last night when MrH was in the bath I sent him a message asking if I could get out a toy.  He replied that I could and asked me to video call him so he could watch me masturbate.  Unfortunately I didn’t see the instruction to video call him but

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