Stunning in silver

MrH has been making things using rings (he’s working on a chainmaille  top, but the supplier has run out of rings) collars, chains and bracelets.  I asked if he would make me something in sterling silver so I could wear it without getting any rashes (I have sensitive skin).  He made me this beautiful silver chain.

It is my new day collar …. he started it last night… it’s so beautiful and I can feel it around my neck like his hands are there holding me tight.


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24 Replies to “Stunning in silver”

  1. Oh, Sweet! MrH did a fantastic job!

    I also enjoyed that your neck is a little tense in the pic. It’s like you’re arching into his hands on your throat. Very sexy 🙂

  2. Lovely collar!! He is indeed talented! But perhaps the most beautiful thing about this is your ability to wear it anywhere—most will accept it as a lovely necklace not realizing it is something much more!!

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