You’re hired!

My new job is very exciting and I’m really busy.. mainly because there should be 2 people doing the job and due to a series of circumstances the company found themselves with only 1 rather suddenly.

So as soon as I arrived I had to start looking for a second staff member. I’ve never formally interviewed people like this before but I reviewed CV’s and invited 2 people to interview, I also had a 3rd applicant who I have met before (she used to work for an employment agency and I rang her for some help only to find she was looking so she decided to apply).

My recommendation to the directors was to bring in this third candidate- mainly because she has a skill set (HR and recruiting) that we don’t have, and secondly because we got on well.

They interviewed her yesterday and after just 1 minute of discussion offered her the role. I got to phone her with the news and she was so happy!!! It was a brilliant call to make.

She starts next week – I can’t wait, not only because I’ll have some company, but because I’ll finally be able to breath easier and get on top of the work.

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    1. Kinda weird actually as I met her in my last but one job at a seminar…. then she helped me get my last job… and now I’ve returned the favour!

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